OISTAT - Turkey ‘Costume Design Days’


4 May, 2010

International Stage Designers Association OISTAT –Turkey organized a series of activities on 4 May – 6  May  2010 hosted by İMA / Istanbul Moda Academy. The three days activity including a symposium, two day workshop and an exhibition attracted a number of designers and academics from 15 countries around the world.

The topic of the symposium held on May 4 was “Theatre and Cinema Costumes of the Period; Design and Realization”, an area that is in need of development in Turkey. In the morning session, Turkish designers and researchers discussed Turkish historical and traditional costumes and answered questions of foreign guests. In the afternoon session, nine designers and academics from the UK, Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Israel, Japan and Brazil shared visual examples from their countries along with their experiences and knowledge. 

At the ‘Kaftan Workshop’ held on 5  – 6 May, designers from various countries designed their original ‘kaftans’ using fabric and materials they have brought along. Costume designers from Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Israel, Belgium, America, Bulgaria, Denmark, Japan, Holland, Finland and UK worked with İMA students at İMA ateliers to design and make their “kaftans” for the exhibition. 

The activities ended with an exhibition presenting works of the workshop, followed by a party attended by all participants.