Mevhibe İnönü: Clothes and Photographs of a Lady of the Republic


27 October, 2009

A lady of the Republic at İMA: Clothes belonging to Mevhibe İnönü, wife of a prominent name in the history of the Republic, İsmet İnönü, were exhibited at Istanbul Moda Academy.

Istanbul Moda Academy held an exhibition of Mevhibe İnönü’s clothing retrospective, where recent history of fashion in Turkey was presented to the visitors. 

Wife of İsmet İnönü, Prime Minister and 2nd President of the Republic of Turkey, Mevhibe İnönü’s clothing retrospective was exhibited at İMA, in honor of the 86th Anniversary of the Republic. The exhibition titled “A Lady of the Republic: Mevhibe İnönü”, reflected the recent history of fashion in Turkey from 1920s to 1970s, while shedding light on the Republic concept for future generations.

A wide range of clothes including Mevhibe İnönü’s wedding dress, her first hat, the evening dress she wore at the first ball at Pembe Köşk, her riding outfit, the dress she wore at the first ball in honor of the anniversary of the Republic she attended with Atatürk, her ski clothes and accessories were exhibited. 

Mevhibe İnönü’s wedding dress was exhibited in İstanbul for the first time. Second time in 90 years, 40 outfits with matching accessories left the walls of Pembe Köşk with the permission of Mevhibe İnönü’s daughter Özden Toker.  Furthermore, a documentary was filmed especially for this exhibition, where Mevhibe İnönü’s memories of family photos were voiced by her daughter.