İMA Hosts The World Renowned Turkish Fashion Designer Hüseyin Çağlayan


15 July, 2010

With the aim of developing its students into professionals with a high level of consciousness in fashion, design and art as well as awareness of global markets and fashion marketing, equipped with the demands of the industry with a creative and innovative mindset who are able to take risks and solve problems, İMA organized a chat on ‘Fashion Design’ and ‘Industrial Design’ with the participation of Hüseyin Çağlayan, a world renowned designer who has been awarded the title “Designer of the Year” twice in the UK with his own brand.

Hüseyin Çağlayan is not only a fashion designer but an artist, blending architecture, philosophy, science, history, anthropology and technology in his work, reflecting his views on various topics such as genetics, technological development, movement, migration and cultural identification in his designs. He turns clothing into a philosophy, through his extraordinary, innovative and approach. 

İMA hosted Hüseyin Çağlayan at a panel to discuss fashion design and industrial design on 15 July 2010.

Vogue Magazine Fashion and Style Consultant Ece Sükan raised questions on ‘fashion design’, while Head of Ortadoğu Technical University Department of Industrial Design Ass.Professor Gülay Hasdoğan focused on ‘industrial design' at the panel open to all interested in the subject, while Hüseyin Çağlayan shared his views on intercultural background and approach to design.