IFW September 2011/İMA Workshop 101: Behind the Scene of IFW with Bahar Korçan


10 September, 2011

A friendly chat was held with participation of Cem Görk, Uğurkan Erez, Zeynep Arkök, Banu Koryürek and Bige Ökten on the details of a comprehensive project covering topics from production to choreography, brand communication and PR work to styling. At this workshop, which attracted a huge audience, Cem Görk expressed his views on the details of organization and production,  explaining the necessity of the podium to be all white, so that the attention is fully concentrated on the fashion show. He also underlined the indispensable role of the huge team working hard in the background. 

From hair and make-up stylists to catering, from dressers to transportation staff and everyone working in the production process were included in the discussion. Uğurkan Erez entertained the audience by his humorous remarks on choreography.   

Istanbul Moda Academy (İMA), a profound education institution aiming to train fashion designers of the future to improve and develop Turkish textile and ready-wear sector, and Fashion Designers Association (MTD), founded with the objective of improving fashion education in Turkey and establishing a common platform for fashion designers within the scope of shared goals and vision, held a joint workshop within the framework of İstanbul Fashion Week led by fashion designer Bahar Korçan. The workshop focused on how to prepare for Istanbul Fashion Week, what standards must be met, the other stakeholders and their roles in the preparation for the Fashion Show, exploring the back stage work for the fashion week and fashion shows.

Choreograph Zeynep Arkök shared her experiences of the process with the audience, explaining how she is influenced by her perception of the outside world when creating a choreography incorporating details like music, graphics, pattern and scene based on the brief she receives from the fashion designer. She pointed out that she is sometimes inspired a piece of music and sometimes by a scene in a movie.  Bige Ökten revealed some clues on styling, an indispensable component of a fashion show, taking the designs to another dimension with a final touch. Banu Koryürek focused her speech on the meaning of brand and brand communication, the role of a brand communication consultant in the establishment of a brand and success of a fashion designer and details of image management and brand consciousness. The workshop was crowned with a mini fashion show prepared by İMA students.