Handbag Workshop with Italian High School Students


5 May, 2011

Istanbul Moda Academy hosted Italian High school students on 2 December.

ıstanbul mODA Academy, aiming to bring up fashion professionals of the future through the wide perspective it has adopted towards fashion, is organizing a number of activities to contribute to the establishment of a general culture in the fields of design and fashion as well as encouraging innovative thinking and improvement. İMA held a creative handbag workshop with 3rd and 4th year students from the Italian High School, within the framework of “Young Creators Project”. 

16-18 year old students produced an independent design through reinterpreting a three dimensional functional object, the handbag, by use of fabric painting and other techniques including, fabric clipart, hand sewing and printing.

Participants had a great time at the workshop, led by our Academic director. They left İMA with a big smile on their faces and the handbag they had created.