Dice Kayek 'Istanbul Contrast' Exhibition


26 August, 2010

Organized by Istanbul Textile and Ready Wear Importers Union (İTKİB) and Istanbul Moda Academy (İMA) with support from Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency within the scope of Istanbul Fashion Week, “Istanbul Contrast” was exhibited at Istanbul Modern between  26 August-19 September. 

Dice Kayek’s “Istanbul Contrast” exhibited at Paris Art Decorative Museum within the scope of Paris Fashion Week and Turkish Season in France Final Activities now meets with art lovers at İstanbul Modern with the support of Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency. 

Founders of Dice Kayek signature, our world renowned designers Ece and Ayşe Ege’s “Istanbul Contrast” exhibition was opened at Istanbul Modern on Thursday, 26 August, with the support of Istanbul 2010 European Culture Capital Agency. 

Dice Kayek Collection interprets the contemporary face of Istanbul’s magnificent history and its perfect blend of modernism with orientalism from an extraordinary point of view; reflecting the added value of contrasts in 26 designs with each piece symbolizing a different face of the city.

For instance, the magical beauty of the Dolmabahce palace Winter Garden is represented with an outfit adorned with lace, while the wrought iron on the Galata Bridge is characterized by silhouette embroidered with metal pieces. “Kubbe”, “Kumru”, “Lokum”, “Galata”, “Topkapı”, “Lale”, “Kaftan” and “Bogazici”  are just a few of these special designs.