Strategic Management of Fashion Brand

2 Months (48 hours)

Days and Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.30 – 21.30
Saturdays 10.00 – 17.00

Turkish and English (There will be no translation)

Starting Date
7 November 2017

For more detailed information:
0212 219 41 41 (1203-1219)


Participiants are selected by interviews. Participiants are required to hold undergraduate degree or graduate degree in related fields and their English must be at a sufficient level to be able to follow the training. 



If you are experienced in the fashion sector or own a fashion brand you can participate in this training to understand the development of an existing brand a new brand and the strategic decisions on brand management. 

The programme consists of four main modules. It includes all the processes from the identification of a brand concept to development, marketing, and communication of products. With the practical application of projects this programme offers the opportunity to implement all the processes learned. Thus, you learn to create a new brand or revise an existing brand within your own company in line with changing conditions in depth.

With the local and foreign instructors experienced in the fashion industry, you gain a strong, compact and dynamic infrastructure and most importantly, you will get a global education based on applied knowledge.


  • You will learn to create a new brand and all the processes of brand management
  • You will gain experience to apply the knowledge gained to your chosen brand,
  • You will have the opportunity to set a new strategic direction to your existing brand,
  • You will gain not only specific theoretical information but with the benefit of the local and foreign trainers who are all experts in their own fields you will gain a global perspective.



  • Professionals who work in management positions in the fastion industry,
  • Employees who have gained a minimum of 3 years experience in the fashion industry,
  • Management and business owners who wish to set strategies for their existing brands,
  • People who wish to create their own fashion brand,
  • People who wish to take part in the fashion industry.


  • Brand Manager / Specialist
  • Strategy Planning Manager / Specialist


The programme is divided in to four main modules which are Fashion Brand Strategy Development, Strategic Brand Management, Strategic Brand Communication, Strategic Fashion Retail and Product Management. In each module, the generation of project processes will be carried out with application of work in line with the theoretical contents and as a result, an output of strategic study in line with the target of the participants will be achieved.

Development of Fashion Brand Strategies: Strategies are developed for existing brands or brands targeted to be established in the light of the information gained by examining the market, trends and consumer behaviour. First of all, strategies are determined on market planning based on the examination of strategic approaches. Actions to be taken are determined in line with the strategic plan developed

At the end of this section, there is a 6 hour practical assesment applying the theoretical and practical information.

  • Market research
  • Consumer behaviors and trends
  • Brand Strategy development
  • Brand Strategy Management: Creation of brand identity and brand positioning processes are examined. Detailed information is learnt in terms of which values will be represented by the brand, identification of the kind of product range, and product pricing strategies in line with these studies.

There is a six hour practical assesment to include constructing the process in terms of  identification of brand, positioning, product range and pricing on the work developed in the first module..

  • Creation of brand identification
  • Brand positioning
  • Defining product range
  • Product pricing

Strategic Brand Communication: Current approaches in brand communication and digital communication are examined. The effective use of communication techniques and media of international brands obtained to develop communication strategies.

At the end of this section, there is a 6 hour practical assesment to add the communication planning to brand identity and planning developed in the second module..

  • Developing a communication strategy
  • Effective use of the media
  • Digital communication
  • Below the line communication

Fashion Retail Strategic and Product Management: In the light of the current approaches of the international retail sector, information regarding effective retail experience and creative work is shared regarding experiential marketing. The most important player of the retail chain is the product mix and in order for this to reflect the brand properly, the tools used, effective visual communication and visual merchandising practices and differentiation strategies are the topics in this module domain.

At the end of this section, there is a 6 hour project application which builds the strategies in terms of development of retail point where brand meets consumers and its consequential experience based on the brand communication plan established in the third module.

  • Fashion retail strategy
  • Experiential marketing strategy
  • Fashion purchasing strategy
  • Visual communication
  • Visual merchandising

Project: The project will be developed with the content of each module throughout the training and will continue in order through the modules. Within the scope of the project, the positioning of the brand as required by the participiants will be done at the end of the detailed processes starting with the market, trend and consumer research. In the light of the product concept developed, corporate identity is created.Communication strategies are determined in line with corporate identity and a sales network is generated. The entire process of the project planned is implemented in a strategic manner.